Local September 25, 2012 | 12:05 pm

Ex generals defend notorius perks

Santo Domingo.- A group of ex police generals yesterday defended their right to have active agents guard their safety and property, even when it’s not in the Police Staturory Law.

Via Facebook, retired general Juan Tomas Taveras said Article 134 of the National Police Staturory Law (96-04), to defend the privileges which aren’t in the legislation which stipulates that " general officers, colonels, and majors in retirement enjoy the same recognition and privileges as active ones."

"The laws are not to be interpreted, they are to be complied with." Taveras, while other ex generals cited by elcaribe.com.do stated likewise, but requested anonymity.

The flap comes in the wake of calls for spending cuts and reforms announced by president Danilo Medina, to crop the number of generals and professionalize the military and police.

The country’s retired generals have a notorious reputation for enjoying privileges without legal support, such as agents as their bodyguards, who even watch over their large estates and luxurious villas.

Irritating practice

Dominican Anti-Corruption Alliance (Adocco) coordinator Julio Cesar de la Rosa called the privileges illegal and "irritating," adding that those retired general and their relatives have as many as eight active agents assigned. "The same goes for majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels, who are assigned one to three military, depending on the post they’ve held."

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