Local September 26, 2012 | 8:37 am

Retired generals need bodyguards because of “mischiefs” committed

Santo Domingo.- Two retired Armed Forces generals on Tuesday admitted as privileges the benefits provided to those retired senior officers, but noted that they need bodyguards because of the “mischiefs” they committed while on active duty.

Air Force (r) Gen. Rafael Percival Peña said those privileges aren’t stated in any stature within the military, for which in his view the “old habits” without any legal grounds should disappear.

He said active members of the military shouldn’t be assigned to retired officers, to be exploited with demeaning chores such as bathing dogs, washing dishes, mopping floors, gardening, babysitting and "being bodyguards for lovers."

"How is it possible that a general who no longer serves in the armed forces has seven, 50 and 60 enlisted and officers in charge, and use them as errand boys?"

Percival Peña also slammed the retired generals who walk around the streets with a squad of soldiers guarding their backs, “as if they were brigade commanders in wartime.”

"There are some of them who’ve done much mischief and have to walk around under guard," the retired general said, adding: “I don’t have or want any soldier of the Armed Forces assigned to me, neither as a driver nor as anything.”

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