Local October 1, 2012 | 8:11 am

Corruption probe signals first Fernandez-Medina rift

Santo Domingo.- The Presidency’s Ethics director Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho) yesterday advised Justice minister Francisco Dominguez against being selective in his investigations of government corruption, because it can spur skepticism as to the real purpose.

While former legal adviser to ex president Leonel Fernandez’s Administration, Abel Rodriguez del Orbe, said Dominguez doesn’t have jurisdiction to seek the resumption of the criminal investigation into ruling PLD party Senator Felix Bautista, over alleged corruption.

The comments by the two officials signals the first rift between the administrations of PLD colleagues Fernandez and president Danilo Medina, who thus far has been careful not to comment when asked about allegedly rampant corruption during his predecessor’s term in office.

Although Castillo said he doesn’t oppose resuming the probe into Bautista, he asked Dominguez to investigate the Anti-Corruption Department’s (DPCA) files, and the 34 audits by the Accounts Chamber and the Comptroller regardless of the administration to ti which they belong. "Let the chips fall where they may, leave no altar untouched", the official said on his program La Respuesta.

On Thursday Dominguez asked the Supreme Court to revoke the DPCA’s request to drop the corruption charges against Bautista, during his tenure at the State Works Coordinator Office (OISOE).

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