Local October 1, 2012 | 9:06 am

Scandal unveils wide divide in government salaries

Santo Domingo.- Central Banker Hector Valdez Albizu makes RD$859,445 monthly plus unspecified amounts in perks; Deputy Central Banker Clarissa de la Rocha earns RD$753,655,while the Bank’s Economic adviser, Olga Luz Mora Diaz, earns RD$450,565 per month.

The stark divide in government salaries is evidenced by the around RD$7,000 per month minimum wage for public servants, brought to the fore in the heels of the scandal with the self-assigned pension of more than RD$651,000 per month by ex Banks superintendent Haivanhoe Ng Cortiñas .

Meanwhile Insurance Superintendent Euclides Gutierrez makes RD$575,000 and the current Banks Superintendent Rafael Camilo earns RD$449,707.95.

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