Local October 3, 2012 | 3:37 pm

Police block Barrick mine entrance as protests continue

COTUI, Dominican Republic.- Police remain deployed at the entrance of the mining company Barrick Pueblo Viejo, to block access to the group of marchers who demand the revision of the exploitation contract with the Dominican Government, the allocation of 5% of the profits for the community and more jobs.

The protesters conducted a peaceful march, but backed up traffic on the Mella road for miles, while the police keep close guard on the demonstrators.

The police carrying shotguns and tear gas canisters have been deployed in and around the city of Cotuí and at the crossings into villages, while the mining company erected a barricade to keep people from reaching beyond their gate.

It’s the second day of protests as police made several arrests on Tuesday, during skirmishes with demonstrators.

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