Local October 8, 2012 | 8:02 am

The Cardinal discards turmoil on tax package, “grin and bear it”

Santo Domingo.- The Catholic Cardinal yesterday said the fact that the announcement of new tax hikes as high as 15 percent and a broadening of the tax base to 18 percent can lead the country to social turmoil, is nothing new.

"In 40 years that has been staged many times," said Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez.

The prelate noted that president Danilo Medina has been the first to regret the situation that has led him to propose a stronger tax formula. "The country is in a very, very serious situation, therefore, what he has proposed is to see if he can more or less balance the economy in two years."

He had previously said he doesnot believe that business which bears the brunt in the proposed tax package, for which everyone must tighten their belts, and the officials setting the example, controlling spending and avoiding waste.

The cardinal, speaking after officiating a mass in the Olympic Stadium, said everyone should contribute with their share the sacrifice and to “grin and bear it.”

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