Local October 16, 2012 | 12:48 pm

Major opposition party sustains another fissure

Santo Domingo.- A new faction has been likely formed within the opposition PRD party on Tuesday, with a call to the organization’s leadership to firmly oppose the proposed tax reform as the backdrop to forge the alliance .

PRD general secretary party Orlando Jorge said the new group isn’t a faction and instead a joining of the senior leaders who‘ve left their differences behind, to oppose the government’s proposed tax reform, to cover the country’s fiscal deficit.

Reading the statement, the new group’s spokesman Eduardo Sanz Lovaton, said the fact they were able to convene a press conference "is great news" in itself.

The new faction’s leaders, including Luis Abinader, Guido Gomez, Alfredo Pacheco, Tony Peña Guaba, Jose -Neney- Cabrera and Eligio Jaquez, ask that the PRD’s other members join them in opposing the creation of new taxes.

The apparent division comes after months of bitter dispute between the factions headed by ex PRD candidate and President Hipolito Mejia, and the organization’s president Miguel Vargas, after the party’s defeat in the May 20 presidential election.

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