Local October 18, 2012 | 9:21 am

Political leader wants Senator probed on “missing” RD$200M

Santo Domingo.- A senior leader of the pro-government PRSC party on Thursday requested an investigation into the alleged “disappearance” of more RD$200.0 million during the tenure of his former colleague Amable Aristy Castro as head of the Dominican Municipal League (LMD).

Dr. Humberto Salazar, a member of the PRSC Presidential Commission, said Castro rose from a simple clerk in a bank to a “multimillionaire,” despite that “the only thing he’s ever done is politicks.”

The politician’s allegation comes amid legal challenges filed in the Superior Electoral Court by Aristy, the current senator for Altagracia Province, and several former senior PRSC leaders who had been “summarily” expelled from the organization in the wake of their support for the opposition PRD party candidacy of Hipolito Mejia

“He had better keep quiet about trying to take over the party,” Salazar said regarding Aristy’s announcement Wednesday on a bid to wrest the PRSC presidency from Carlos Morales, the current Foreign Relations Minister.

“My friend Dominguez Brito should e looking into that issue, with an Accounts Chamber audit since 2007 to 2008, when Aristy was candidate to the presidency,” Salazar said, referring to Justice minister Francisco Dominguez..

When the program host Dany Alcantara asked why he made those threats like the late president Joaquin Balaguer, who used to say “don’t play those keys,” Salazar agreed that the founder of the PRSC used to pull out old files and place them in front of those who challenged him, saying that the file would be disclosed if the persons persisted in their action.

Missing pensions

“Now the missing 200 million pesos for pensions will have to be covered with a loan that we will all have to pay,” the PRSC leader said, adding that in addition to Aristy, many other “traitors” won’t return, “even if they go to the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague.”

“We want to remove the label of political vendors from our party. It’s a blessed shame, Aristy can’t even manage a grocery store in Higuey, he’ll have to explain his fortune, his only activity has been politics, but he has a Rolls Royce in Miami.”

Other expelled leaders

Salazar also listed former PRSC stalwarts Tito Hernandez, Hector Rodríguez Pimentel, José Enrique Sued, Angel Lockward, and Guillermo Caram among those who in his view will not return. “They even hosted a rally in Caram’s house for the PRD candidate; they were all be submitted and expelled summarily. The PRSC was pruned real low, it will now grow.”

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