Local October 19, 2012 | 11:30 am

Dominican kids rescue toddler, declared heroes in New Jersey

New York.- Three Dominican students of the William C. McGinnis grade school in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, were declared heroes by the authorities after they rescued a 14 month-old toddler found wandering in the streets of the town.

The students Anyolina Moreta,12 (7th grade) and Christopher Angeles and Daniel Canela, 13 (8th grade), proudly donning their medals and certificates as heroes, reported the incident to the local media.

Angeles said they were in the street when they saw the "little tike" who had stumbled into a ladder which had cut her face.

"We picked her up, went where she lives, rang the bell but no one answered," said the students.

Canela said he felt very bad when he saw the baby bleeding from the face and asked his friend Anyolina to help him carry the toddler, who according to a Perth Amboy Police detective, had exited her house through an open front door; walked around 250 feet away, unbeknownst to her grandmother babysitting her.

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