Local October 22, 2012 | 7:39 am

Agency nabs 950 Ks cocaine from ring it had already busted

Santo Domingo.- The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) yesterday seized around 950 kilos of cocaine in 928 packages, from a network the entity had already busted.

The drug was found in a Toyota Tundra intercepted kilometers 12 west of the capital on the 30 de Mayo highway, at the home of Julio Herrera (arrested) in the sector La Castellana.

The DNCD said it also found a P-90 machine gun, a weapon it affirms not even the country’s armed forces have.

The criminal organization received narcotics shipments along the country’s southern shore from South America, to then take abroad.

The DNCD said also arrested in the raids were Marcelino Cuevas, Melvin Perez, Jesus Javier, Ramon Villar, the sisters Erine and Dalisi Turbi and Joe Luis Garcia, who was wounded when confronting the agents during hot pursuit in the pickup.

In a statement, the DNCD urge the brothers Sail Luis, the alleged ringleader, and Otto Luis Ducasse Herrera, Cesar Peralta, Pedro Motra and another individual known as "La Araña” (The Spider) to surrender, "to avoid unnecessary bloodshed."

“Following up on information on a international narco-trafficking network several individuals who were celebrating the conclusion of an operation days ago, a party carried out in the night club Cigarro Café. That forced us to case Sail for around 10 days,” the DNCD said.

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