Local October 22, 2012 | 7:56 am

Medina orders sweeping pension reform, fires official unleashed scandal

SANTO DOMINGO.- President Danilo Medina ordered the suspension of government funds for plans and supplementary pension funds, just one day after firing General Controller Haivanjoe Ng Cortiñas, who unleashed a scandal over the self assigned RD$651,000 monthly pension in his former post as Banks Superintendent.

Decree 616-12 signed Saturday the 20th also orders that the funds contributed to those plans to be returned complementary funds to the institutions, for proper use in their budgets.

It instructs the Comptroller General’s Office to suspend the contributions in all government agencies and municipal councils, instituted by the social security law.

"With such an arrangement (Medina) prevents any misuse by the institutions for the pension plans of its officials and employees, while sending a clear signal of his commitment to the proper use of public funds," says the statement issued by the Presidency.

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