Local October 23, 2012 | 9:29 am

Bill seeks to privatize water sources, organizations warn

Santo Domingo.- Organizations and citizens yesterday attacked the Water Bill, affirming that it seeks to privatize water sources and would violate the Constitution.

They note that the Environment Ministry has said the project is in conflict because it usurps its functions, while Dams and Canals Agency (Indrhi) director Olgo Fernandez stressed that it’s that entity which manages the rivers, dams and channels.

During the public hearings, National Business Council (Conep) spokeswoman Raquel Brea said they’re focused on the tax reform for which they’ll not address the project’s "internal unrest" for now, and instead will submit its position in writing.

The initiative is by senator Felix Nova (PLD-Monseñor Noel), who chairs the bicameral commission, submitted it to a public hearing yesterday.

Environmentalist Domingo Abreu Collado said people fear the privatization of water sources because it’s among the government’s and the political parties’ worst measures, such as the mining concession for Barrick Gold, which he affirms is more of an environmental, ecological and economic threat.

Fernandez said the Indrhi protects dams, canals and rivers, but admits that it lacks the resources to deal with, among other issues, sedimentation.

For hydraulic engineer Roberto Castillo Tio, the initiative contradicts the hydropower production law and the Health Ministry, regarding water consumption.

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