Local October 23, 2012 | 8:26 am

The UN joins Xstrata Nickel mine fray

Santo Domingo.- UN Development Program (UNDP) representative Valerie Julliand yesterday agreed to the Government’s request to review the results of the miner Xstrata Nickel Falcondo’s environmental impact study for the Loma Miranda project.

The Dominican government agreed to the UNDP’s terms to review the stud, including access to all information and all areas within the mining project’s influence zone, and logistical support for the movement and protection of its personnel.

Another condition Julliand stated is that Dominican society has free access to the results, and warned that UNDP isn’t assuming an arbiter’s role, because the government has only requested a review to support its decision of State.

No decision

"We will provide technical recommendations and opinions to support this decision-making process. We’ll work with international experts, not because Dominican Republic doesn’t have national experts, which it does, it’s to ensure no conflict of interest and that the study is objective and impartial," the UN official said.


“Dominican Republic’s interest precedes whatever decision is taken," said Environment minister Bautista Rojas.

Exploitation brings losses

Dominican Academy of Sciences ex president Nelson Moreno Ceballos said Loma Miranda’s exploitation will result in major losses for the country’s Central Cibao water sources, adding that it will pollute 26 rivers and streams.

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