Local October 24, 2012 | 12:06 pm

Feminists protest in Congress lax penalties on femicides

Santo Domingo.- Feminist organizations are protesting in front of Congress Wednesday to demand stiffer penalties for femicides and against violence toward women.

Defying drenching rain and antiriot police which asked the protesters to allow the entry of congressional employees, dozens of women chanted and stood locked in arms to demand further changes in the Criminal Code.

The organizations rebuke the Chamber of Deputies’ intent to ease the penalty for gender violence, noting that cases would be considered severe only with the victim’s death or when there’s a disability of more than 90 days.

They stressed a violation to Law 24-97, which stipulates that the aggravating circumstances depend on how the aggression is committed, such as when children are present.

They said the new Penal Code lowers the penalties for incest and doesn’t establish the maximum penalty.

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