Local October 29, 2012 | 2:53 pm

Another water main break means headaches for capital dwellers

Santo Domingo.- A 67 inch diameter main which supplies 77 million gallons of water to the National District daily, broke Monday afternoon, and the storage tanks run out in three days.

Santo Domingo Water utility (CAASD) director Alejandro Montas made the announcement, and said will take three days to repair the damage.

The pipe ruptured in a section near the Mana river mouth, when floodwaters pushed large boulders downstream near the village Semana Santa, San Cristobal.

Montas, who called the situation seriously urgent, said the broken pipe will be subjected to emergency repairs.

The pipeline is one of two from the Valdesia Dam, the other supplies water to Santo Domingo Province.

It’s the second major water main break in as many months, the first at the 27 de Febrero Av., in the sector, Manoguayabo.

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