Local October 30, 2012 | 9:46 am

After reports of death, Dominican nanny awakes from coma

New York.- Dominican nanny Joselyn Ortega, 50, who allegedly murdered two children and who was declared brain dead on Monday, awoke from a induced coma last night.

The artificial breathing tube was disconnected and was able to utter a few words, but will be reconnected to keep her stable, according to doctors quoted by NY media.

NY Police investigators said they’ll formally charge Ortega Wednesday at the Manhattan hospital, where she was admitted after trying to take her own live by stabbing her throat and both wrists.

"She asked about her family since she awoke," said a source quoted by the New York Post.

Ortega hasn’t spoken since Thursday in the heels of the mysterious double murder of the children Leo, 1 and Lucy Krim, 6.

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