Local November 6, 2012 | 9:10 am

97% of DT readers hail Medina’s firing of top official in pensions scandal

Santo Domingo.- An overwhelming majority of DT readers see a positive albeit timid step in president Danilo Medina’s firing of the General Controller Haivanjoe Ng, in the heels of the scandal stemming from his self-appointed pension while head of the Banks Superintendence.

When asked “What does the President’s firing of the General Controller mean?” the response “It’s something, but others must go,” drew 51,863 votes, or 96.90%, followed by “He had to or be seen as corrupt,” with just 554 votes, or 1.04%

The options “Good, he’s keeping campaign pledge, and “Great, I should’ve voted for him,” both drew 553 votes each, or 1.03% of the readers who part in the weekly unscientific poll.

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