Local November 7, 2012 | 11:59 am

Police major charged with helping a drug trafficking ring

Santo Domingo.- National Police major Jose Antonio Polanco Rodríguez was charged Wednesday with helping a drug trafficking network ship narcotics to Europe and Canada, allegedly using his post as Assistant Security director at Puerto Plata International Airport.

He’s accused together with other junior officers and enlistees, in the cocaine shipments for an alleged ringleader, which the National Agency (DNCD) identified as Miguel Quezada Nicasio.

The DNCD said Quezada was in constant contact with Polanco and other officers, whose arrest “could come at any time.”

Among the accused figure two Army second lieutenants and four enlistees, assigned to the Airports Security Dept. (CESA).

The DNCD added that Quezada’s contact in Canada was Miguel Herrera Tapia and /or Ramon Capellan Morillo, where they managed to send dozens of kilos of cocaine, in addition to to England and Spain, whose authorities made at least a dozen arrests that included the organization mules.”

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