Local November 14, 2012 | 9:03 am

Police recover RD$15M of 64M armored truck heist

Santo Domingo.- The National Police early Wednesday announced it recovered 15 million pesos in a village in Bahoruco province (west), after the arrest of five men and one woman, linked to last week’s armored truck heist on the Eastern Motorway near San Pedro (east).

It said it arrested Biorin Medina Ferreras, 21; Felito Terrero Encarnación, 31; Frankelis Paniagua, 21, Marcial Rosario, 48, Felix Luciano Fabian, 36, and Evangelista Diaz Novas, 46.

The Police said the money and a 12 gauge shotgun were found in some bushes in the village El Hoyo de Felipe, of the town Los Rioswhere Diaz had hidden it, in a resident in the community Las Clavellinas.

It said the agents assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division (DICRIM) found the money, originally 64 million pesos, wrapped in a plastic bag and a t-shirt.

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