Local November 14, 2012 | 4:04 pm

Senior politico calls wily senator, “jail meat”

Santo Domingo.- Senior minority PRSC party leader Humberto Salazar on Wednesday called his colleague and senator Amable Aristy "jail meat" just one day after Accounts Chamber audits verified irregularities during the lawmaker’s tenure as head of the Dominican Municipal League.

He said the irregularities would ban Aristy’s return to the PRSC and urged him to clarify "his plight" in the courts, before thinking of resuming political activities.

Salazar noted that during Aristy’s tenure, of the League’s total payroll of 1,710 people, 98% were from the city of Higuey, with monthly salaries as high as RD$23,000. "That’s how he became leader in Higuey, like that I’m even a leader, joyfully handling Dominican Government funds.”

Interviewed on the program Hoy, Salazar also cited two checks of 37 and 36 million pesos, written to just one grocery store in Higüey for food rations.

He said Aristy handled as much as RD$170 million as head of the LMD, of which 149.0 million was fixed financial aid for residents of Altagracia province.

Aristy Castro

The Senator from Higuey Tuesday morning affirmed that he fears “only God and the Virgin of La Altagracia.”

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