Local November 22, 2012 | 9:34 am

Investigative journalist is first Dominican to get Rotary’s top honor

Santo Domingo.- Investigative journalist and television producer Nuria Piera has become the first Dominican to receive the Rotary international’s highest honor, according to a statement from the Rotary Host Club of America, in New York.

“For an investigative journalism always denouncing the problems of the needy, helping through her formidable and unrivaled programs, and sometimes risking her life in defense of truth and humanity… because humanity is her business and gives of herself before thinking of herself,” the statement said.

It said that those are the values ??which Rotary International has hearalded and supported for 110 years.

In the proclamation, the global organization notes that Piera’s father was murdered “for his work as a great journalist,” for which the tribute serves as a paradigm for many communications professionals.

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