Local November 23, 2012 | 8:38 am

“Pilgrimage” to ex president turns into political rally

Santo Domingo.- The nearest thing to a political rally with chants of "roar, roar the lion" in reference to former president Leonel Fernandez was the mood when the "pilgrims" Angel Sosa and Jacinto de los Santos conclude their walk, the first from Dajabón (northwest), the second from Veron, Higuey (east), to support the ex head of state and proclaim, in front of the office of the ruling PLD party’s presidency, "Leonel is the country’s most valuable asset."

The two men, sweating and upbeat, read a proclamation to defend Fernandez’s terms in office, in an event with hundreds of people held in the quiet street Dr. Piñeyro from the University, with chants to support the PLD president.

The two pilgrims, accompanied by people who separately helped them bear their emblematic crosses, became famous for their unique protest to demand public works in their towns.

"Leonel is the most important asset that the country has, and all those protests and all those claims are being done because the obstacle, the man to beat in 2016, is president Leonel Fernandez," said de los Santos, who read the document.

He said the works are there, planted across the country.

Fernandez meanwhile told them that "you’re already in history" and called them an example of how two citizens can make demands for the wellbeing of their communities, emulating examples of peace like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. "You are the representatives of a people who set an example by seeking improvements to their communities."

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