Local November 24, 2012 | 1:39 pm

MPT: Danilo Medina’s first 100 days are disappointing

Santo Domingo.– The Nation for All Movement (MPT) called as a disappointment the first 100 days of Danilo Medina’s administration and considered the president has focused on stripping the people of 46 billion pesos through taxes while he remained indifferent to the claims of bringing to justice those responsible for the mismanagement of the Dominican economy, which generated a fiscal deficit of unprecedented magnitude.

"These 100 days are a continuation of the previous 8 years of PLD and Leonel Fernández ruling the country. The economic team is the same including the two most important figures, the Economy minister and the Central Bank governor," said Fulgencio Severino, the MPT coordinator.

Severino said the drop in exports and remittances, as well as the mortal move given by President Medina to the country’s economy, are one of the worst decisions a President could make.

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