Local November 26, 2012 | 12:30 pm

Minister announces 2 bypasses for major southern cities

Bani, Dominican Republic.- A truck bypass to take heavy vehicle traffic around one of the South region’s largest cities is a project which is underway and would conclude before the end of president Danilo Medina’s term in August 2016, Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo said recently.

He said Public Works currently evaluates the surveys and budget for the bypass. "I think the bypass at the town of Bani is going is to be a reality in Danilo Medina’s four years."

Castillo also acknowleged the need for a bypass around the nearby city of Azua, which together with Bani, are subjected to noise and pollution from the heavy traffic through the South.

Residents of both cities also complain of the permanent traffic jams even in backstreets and the ongoing destruction of trees planted at the road shoulders, and the downing of power lines and phone and TV cables, among other gripes.

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