Local November 27, 2012 | 8:19 am

Show of support for Leonel Fernandez further polarizes society

Santo Domingo.- Amid several judicial actions and rebuke for the alleged irregularities during his term in office, president Leonel Fernandez yesterday obtained the support of yet another of the myriad social and professional groups that have vowed to defend his actions in office.

Hundreds of lawyers linked to the ruling PLD party announced they’ll defend the former head of state “in whatever plane."

In the activity staged in the Office of the PLD Presidency, its legal advisor and ex Justice minister Radhamés Jimenez said Fernandez "is the target of criticisms, of resentful group of civil society and political groups which don’t tolerate the PLD’s continuous victories."

The activity comes just two days after the famous “pilgrims” of the Northwest, Angel Sosa, and of the East, Jacinto de los Santos, pledged their support for Fernandez, because in their view, kept his promises to build infrastructure in their hometowns.

Fernandez’s detractors however also stage frequent activities, and were buoyed by an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that criticizes the former president’s terms in office.

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