Local November 28, 2012 | 2:40 pm

Medina must “put his pants on” against corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- Two prominent civil society groups on Wednesday separately urged the government headed by president Danilo Medina to “empower“ itself to proceed against those responsible for the fiscal deficit and prosecute the corrupt official “without discrimination.”

Citizen Participation coordinator Francisco Alvarez asked Justice minister Francisco Dominguez to act without discrimination against corruption. “He must show the country that if he’s acting against senator (Amable) Aristy, he must do so with other officials.

He said the prosecutor has several Accounts Chamber audits that point to current government officials and former officials in corrupt actions.

Alvarez said there’s a Chamber audit with evidence to implicate Aristy with corrupt practices during his tenure in the Dominican Municipal League.

The Throng

For their part, grassroots youth movement La Multitud (The Throng) leader Abreu Pashy called on Medina to act against those responsible for the RD$187 billion fiscal deficit. "The people elected him, the people trusted him and the people are waiting for him. President Danilo Medina should put on his pants, since he has the tools and has the support of society."

In her view, the President will do "what has never been done" by taking specific actions against those who embezzled the country.

"If Danilo offers the people what they never had, a good education, an optimal health system, when every citizen can get the services they are paying, when he reaches that point, I think it would make a difference," Abreu said.

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