Local November 28, 2012 | 7:25 am

Senator charged with embezzling RD$250M poses “flight risk”

Santo Domingo.- Altagracia province senator Amable Aristy poses a flight risk and can escape the judicial process now in course, according to the Justice ministry’s request to incarcerate the lawmaker and continue the investigation for allegedly embezzling more than RD$250 million during his tenure in the Dominican Municipal League (LMD).

Justice minister Francisco Dominguez’s missive to the Supreme Court led to the appointment of Justice to hear the request to arrest Aristy, noting that his immunity as a Senator makes it easy for him to hide abroad and evade criminal proceedings.

In the latest request filed before the Supreme Court last week, Domínguez states that Aristy conspired with other officials and individuals, whom "we are in the process to individualize."

The official adds that the magnitude and extent of the irregularities in the LMD and damages to the State will also be investigated.

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