Local November 30, 2012 | 8:05 am

Human rights court finds Dominican Republic guilty in Haitians’ death

Santo Domingo.- The Inter-American Court of Human Rights found Dominican Republic guilty of violating the right to humane treatment to seven Haitian immigrants riding in a truck during an incident in June 18, 2000, at an Army checkpoint in northwestern Dajabón province.

It ordered the government to pay US$840,000 as compensation for the victims as well as the expenses of the court proceedings, and psychological treatment of the relatives.

It also ruled that the authorities must conduct a public act of acknowledgment of international responsibility and apologies, within six months from the date of notification.

The Court also ordered the Dominican State to implement permanent training programs for military officers, border agents and immigration inspectors on proper proceedings,.

Moreover, to adjust the country’s domestic legislation on the use of force by law enforcers, within a reasonable time.


The officers in charge of the checkpoint at the time said the truck driver failed to heed the order to stop the vehicle, and the Haitians were killed in the ensuing chase of several kilometers.

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