Local December 4, 2012 | 3:49 pm

Arrest warrant issued in bizarre torching of magician’s head

Santo Domingo.- The National District Instruction Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Franklin Barazarte, the producer o the program where American illusionist Wayne Houchin’s head was set ablaze.

The incident during the filming of the show biz program "Acercate a los Astros" (get close to the starts) caused second degree burns in the American’s head, face and ears, when Barazarte splashed Houchin with the alcohol-based lotion "Agua Florida," setting the magician’s hair on fire.

Elnacional.com.do reports that the medical examiner of the National District Office of the Prosecutor confirmed that Houchin sustained first and second degree burns.

The quick reaction by the show’s technicians reportedly saved the magician’s life, as videos show his head totally engulfed by the flames, when Barazarte as a “blessing,” doused him with Agua Florida, unexpectedly catching fire on Houchin, who was treated in a nearby hospital and released.

Barazarte: Unintentional

The program’s producer Frnaklin Barazarte affirmed Tuesday that the incident was unintentional and "deeply" regrets it, Efe reports.

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