Local December 5, 2012 | 4:12 pm

Crews clear Santiago-Puerto Plata road blocked by landslides

SANTIAGO.- Crews of the Public Works Ministry cleared the road that links Puerto Plata province with the Cibao Valley on Wednesday, after landslides blocked traffic to the city of Navarrete, close to the tunnel near the town Altamira.

Landslides after several days of downpours also damaged homes in Santiago, but no injuries, Civil Defense deputy director Francisco Arias told elnacional.com.do.

He said traffic was completely restored Tuesday afternoon on the Navarrete-Puerto Plata road, through Altamira, and in the community Las Lajas, where several landslides dumped boulders onto the pavement.

Last weekend’s rains had drenched much of the Cibao Valley, but subsided early Wednesday.

Arias said several houses were damaged in the barrios Hoyo de Bartola, and Pontezuela, with no one hurt.

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