Local December 5, 2012 | 12:08 pm

Youth groups ask Medina to fire the ambassador to Spain

Santo Domingo.- Members of the grass-roots youth movements gathered today outside the TV station Colorvision, where they delivered a document addressed to the journalist Cesar Medina, who is also the ambassador to Spain, demanding that he either assume his diplomatic post or be fired.

Speaking for the protesters Juventud Caribe and La Multitud, Franier Genao said president Danilo Medina should replace the journalist and TV producer if he fails to assume his post in Spain. "If Cesar Medina understands that he cannot fill his embassy post in Spain today, he should resign or be removed."

He said Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales was also given a copy of the demand.

Cesar Medina is one of the most staunchest defenders of former president Leonel Fernandez, and among ex president Hipolito Mejia’s fiercest critics.

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