Local December 6, 2012 | 1:02 pm

Deputies urge the police to “rub out” criminals

Santo Domingo.- The deputy Hector Félix on Thursday urged Police chief Jose A. Polanco to instruct his agents not to let the media observe when they execute a criminal.

"Don’t let the media see you when you go to rub out offenders," said the lawmaker from southwestern Pedernales province during a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies Police Commission, where the Polanco went to explain the use of force by agents, and which have recently killed several suspects and fugitives.

The deputy Alfredo Martínez adopted a similar position during the meeting, who said he was upset with Polanco, because the gunmen who shot the engineer Francina Hungria in the face, weren’t "executed." Hungria lost an eye and could become blind from the attack.

The lawmaker from Santiago, Francisco Matos, and Luisin Jimenez, of the National District, also called for the "execution" of criminals, and handed a plaque of appreciation for the Police Chief.

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