Local December 6, 2012 | 12:18 pm

DT readers skeptical in RD$250.0M embezzlement case

Santo Domingo.- One of the most scandalous cases in the country’s recent history isn’t expected to end up with any convictions, despite the alleged embezzlement of at least RD$250.0 million by senator Amable Aristy, during his tenure as General secretary of the Dominican Municipal League.

More than half of DT readers share that view, based on past cases of government corruption, in which despite witnesses and documents, those responsible are not only acquitted, they are often awarded with elected posts or named as officials in the government.

When asked How will the case against Amable Aristy end up?,” 180 readers, or 64.98% said “The usual, nothing.”

The response “I expect several years in jail” drew 40 votes, or 14.44%, followed closely by “Probably some jail time” with 34 votes, or 12.27%, while the option ”Nothing, he’s innocent “ drew 23 votes, or 8.30% of the readers who took part in the weekly, unscientific poll.

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