Local December 6, 2012 | 9:28 am

The taxman warns of zero tolerance for dodgers

Santo Domingo.- Internal Taxes (DGII) director Guarocuya Felix yesterday announced guidelines against tax evasion, aimed at expanding the taxpayer base for 2013.

The official said the measures will be implemented in the government agencies first, for them to pay their tax obligations, with budget deductions against those which fail to do so.

Speaking in a luncheon to mark the 19th anniversary of the civic movement Citizen Participation, the official said the plan will focus on audits, revenue, collection, and tax ??culture and tax intelligence, aimed at cleaning up and narrowing the gap between compliers and commitments, encouraging voluntary tax compliance.

Zero tolerance

Felix said there’ll be zero tolerance for people and companies that fail to comply with their tax obligations in 2013.

In that regard, the official announced the installation of 8,000 DGII printers to prevent tax evasion, including in the government agencies.

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