Local December 10, 2012 | 2:58 pm

Official: X-ray machines needed to halt major drug shipments via ports

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic,- The Presidency’s Antinarcotics Adviser on Monday revealed that Dominican ports continue to be used to ship large amount of drugs, for which stronger security and vigilance are needed.

Marino Vinicio Castillo said despite the Antinarcotics Agency’s (DNCD) efforts and improved surveillance, major drugs busts continue at Haina and Caucedo ports.

He said that’s the reason x-ray machines are needed at the ports, to inspect inbound and outbound goods more thoroughly. "It’s essential to install x-rays in Dominican ports, because security and drug interdiction at sea are rising exponentially."

Castillo spoke in the seminar "Police investigation into cocaine trafficking by sea" hosted by the Latin America and European Union drug cooperation policy, which began Monday in the Bavaro Convention Center.

The seminar was also attended by DNCD president Rafael Rosado, and Anti-Drug officials from several nations.

He noted that all major world ports have that system, which in his view will contribute to the fight cocaine trafficking and other drugs via containers.

Super Tucano intercept planes

For Rosado, enforcement has played a key role in the significant reduction in traffic to and from Dominican Republic.

He said when the Super Tucano intercept planes started operations, together with other equipment, drug trafficking has decreased considerably.

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