Local December 10, 2012 | 8:11 am

Social networks heap praise on Police, despite “executions”

Santo Domingo.- "Where there’s a will there’s a way” and "it should last throughout the year" are the citizens’ most common tweets and Facebook postings, in response to increased police patrols on the streets.

The support for the Police operation dubbed "Quiet Christmas 2012” despite the recent spate of "executions"of suspects and fugitives, is notable through Twitter, with messages from poor and so-called "hot" slums to the upper class neighborhoods as well.

Citizens express their satisfaction with the government’s decision to raise the number of agents assigned to the streets to 20,000, to protect the “double salary" and reduce violence.

"Congratulations for the increased the number of patrol vehicles in the Bella Vista area. I’ve seen 21 different ones," says one tweet quoted by elcaribe.com.do.

"Good morning, I move along Independence, Churchill, 27 de Febrero and Don Bosco yesterday and saw police presence," another post said..

Many of the messages congratulate Police spokesman Maximo Baez for his work also Police chief Jose Polanco, for deploying an additional 46 vehicles and 18 motorcycles on the patrols.

"Its not to give them ‘wings’, but they are working. Observe how society puts it. So many of us cannot be wrong. Keep it up," said a tweet by Francia Holguín.

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