Local December 11, 2012 | 12:15 pm

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Ex president carries assault weapons on fear for his life

Santo Domingo.- Ex president Hipolito Mejia revealed Tuesday that because of the country’s lack of security he travels "with machine guns here (in the vehicle) and sometimes I get scared when they aren’t well greased."

"The situation is very delicate and I was recently in Mexico and Guatemala and the fear here is just like there," he said.

Mejia said the country’s crime rates are close to those of Mexico. "We are almost reaching the numbers now," said the former presidential candidate of the opposition PRD party when asked if the country’s violence can be compared with Mexico’s.

Nonetheless, the former president rebuked some lawmakers’ suggestions to “rub out” thugs. "It’s a desperate situation and badly handled …No, that s not the way."


When asked about drug trafficking, Mejia said “there’s a lot being brought in, with Tucanos or without,” in reference to the Super Tucano intercept planes.

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