Local December 11, 2012 | 12:56 pm

Two more; Police continue to “rub out” thugs

Santo Domingo.- The Police Tuesday morning said two men were shot and killed and another injured by its agents, who allegedly tried to arrest them in the sector Brisas del Este, Santo Domingo East.

It said the suspects "Moreno" and "El Chino" died in the shootout, and Florian Carlos Hernandez, 20, is being held at the Dario Contreras hospital.

The deaths of the suspects who allegedly carried two pistols and a shotgun come in the heels of controversial calls by several lawmakers for police to “rub out” thugs.

In a statement, the Police said the three men were on the loose for several days, wanted in connection with several crimes in November, including three murders. "Noting the presence of the patrol, they fired shots at the agents. In these circumstances, the agents repelled the attack, killing "Moreno" and "El Chino." It said none of the officer was injured.

Police said when questioned, Hernandez Florian identified "Moreno" as the one who shot and killed Amaurys Israel Tejada (Genesis), one of the three fatal victims.

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