Local December 13, 2012 | 10:30 am

Dominicans in NY heighten protests against tax package, ex President

NEW YORK.- The Protests and pickets against the package of new taxes and former president Leonel Fernandez, accused of being responsible for the deficit that has forced it, continue in the city, as another march is planned in the Bronx for Sunday.

The Coalition of Dominicans United Against Impunity and the Package said the protest will start 12 noon from the Grand Concourse and 184th St., and will cover several streets.

With the motto "It will not pay for that package, let the one who stole it pay: Leonel," the organizers called on the Dominican community in the Bronx to join the march.

Among other demands figure an end to impunity and to charge Fernandez with economic crimes against the country," because they affect millions of poor in the Dominican Republic.”

The coalition said it also seeks to punish the corrupt, and accuse president Danilo Medina of maintaining a "cloak of impunity" to protect corrupt leaders of the ruling PLD party, “and return the stolen money that belongs to the Dominican people.”

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