Local December 13, 2012 | 9:28 am

With cops in every corner, the Colonia Zone sighs in relief

Santo Domingo.- The Colonial Zone had been plagued by a lack of safety for tourists who visit the country each year, but it’s now safer for them, as well as for its residents to walk the streets of this historical area without fear.

Listin.com.do quoted tourists and residents in the Colonial Zone, where two agents are deployed in every corner.

"These days there are many police on the corners and on motorcycles, but one must be careful because thieves can appear on motorbikes and snatch anyone’s purse," said storeowner Bernardo Antonio Enriquez.

For Barcelona, Spain native John Fonclara, in his 20 years visiting the city, the fact that he had been assaulted several times, hasn’t kept him from returning, because Ï love this land and its tourist zone.”

The tourist said he comes three or four times each year and tries to remain alert to the criminals.

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