Local December 14, 2012 | 8:34 am

Slain freedom fighter’s son wants murderers punished

Santo Domingo.- The eldest son of the late freedom fighter Francisco Caamaño on Thursday said instead of dwelling over whether his father’s remains are authentic, which he called "insignificant," the of the Dominicans should heighten the demand for justice to punish those who caught him alive and then executed him.

"That was a crime. That was a murder committed by the Army and supported by those who today voice statements of taking his remains to the National Pantheon. They killed him and burned his body, instead of handing it over to his family, which was the right thing, and no one there (in the country) has thought to bring to justice those soldiers and those who made the decision to assassinate Colonel Caamaño," said Alberto Caamaño Acevedo, Deputy Chief of the Dominican Embassy in Cuba.

Quoted by elcaribe.com.do by telephone, the son of the Commander of April revealed the latent resentment of Caamaño’s relatives for those responsible for his death, especially with the late president Joaquin Balaguer. "They killed him and burned his remains and no one has thought of bringing to justice those soldiers."

He said he agrees with a DNA test on the remains only if strictly necessary, adding that he agrees with laying his father’s remains to rest at the National Pantheon, because it’s a recognition of his patriotic struggle. "As the eldest son of Colonel Caamano and Maria Paula Acevedo, I strongly agree and the family with that.”

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