Local December 19, 2012 | 8:04 am

Femicides fall sharply in Santo Domingo province; DA

Santo Domingo.- The number of femicides, with as many as 20 reported per month throughout this year, declined drastically in Santo Domingo province since November, with only five committed by their partners or husbands.

"This decline in femicides has been caused by the new prevention programs and the integration of all agencies that deal with this effort," said Santo Domingo province prosecutor Olga Dina Llaverías, who noted that its prevention and prosecution isn’t just for prosecutors and police, but also many other government and social entities.

She said the campaign "Pledge of man," implemented in coordination with the National Police, the ministries of Women, Armed Forces, Education, Health, Culture and Justice, proved that joint actions "make a difference."

Dina, interviewed by Paul McKinley on CDN, said all sectors must play their role against crime and delinquency, and as an example noted that a town’s lit streets and debris-free sidewalks contribute to fight crime.

Women’s’ Affairs

National District Assistant DA for Women’s Affairs, Rosanna Reyes, said although it may seem otherwise, Dominican Republic has one of the lowest femicide rates compared with most Latin American countries and is projected to close as low as 15% fewer by year end 2012.

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