Local December 19, 2012 | 8:30 am

Hero’s murderers could still face the gavel

Santo Domingo.- The cousin of the Hero of April, colonel Francisco Alberto Caamaño, named the retired admiral Ramon Emilio Jimenez, and retired generals Enrique Perez y Perez, Ramiro Matos Gonzalez and Juan Rene Javier Beuchamps as the officers present when Caamaño was killed, on direct order from then president Joaquin Balaguer.

Former guerrilla Claudio Caamaño also said he’s convinced the remains buried in the Maximo Gomez Cemetery are of Colonel Caamaño, and even provided certification by anthropologists to the Senate to strongly oppose the proposed DNA tests.

His statement comes after several civil society groups, including the Testimonio Foundation, have called for the prosecution of those allegedly responsible.

Claudio Caamaño said the anthropologist Abelardo Jimenez Lambertus conducted the studies on Caamaño’s remains, for which any further evidence isn’t necessary.

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