Local December 20, 2012 | 7:42 am

Santo Domingo bans heavy vehicles on seaside avenue

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo City Council yesterday approved a ban of heavy vehicles along the Malecon, from Maximo Gómez Av. to Meriño St., in the Colonial Zone.

The City Council instructed the city administration to erect the signs on the Malecon relating to the ban of heavy vehicles al, and to issue instructions to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) and to notify the National District Special Transit Court.

"George Washington Av. (Malecon) is Santo Domingo’s tourism boulevard and the area of the main hotels in the first city of America, and encompasses the road to the Don Diego Marina," the council said to justify the measure.

The ordinance restricts vehicles "loaded trucks over 3.5 tons, whose length exceeds eight meters, wider than 2.5 meters and higher than four meters."

The ban also includes, trailers, flatbed trucks, concrete mixers and pumpers, cranes, backhoes, frontend loaders, among other construction equipment.

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