Local December 21, 2012 | 10:17 am

Hot air balloon falls to earth,12 tourists unscathed (Update)

Higuey, Dominican Republic.- (UPDATE) The company Domball clarified Friday that its hot air balloon didn’t crash, and instead a rough landing in one of its flights yesterday

The pilot Luis Enrique Leonardo said there were “some knots” of wind in yesterday’s landing.

FILE. Twelve tourists were unscathed when a hot air balloon in which the flew fell to earth near Bavaro, of the Punta Cana resort region (east), listin.com.do reports.

The balloon came down on a sugar cane filed at the village Batey Palo Bonito, around 20 kilometers from the coastline.

Area residents rescued the foreigners and personnel of the company Dominican Balloons (Domball), which offers the rides to the tourists.

Aside from some racked nerves from the scary incident, the tourists were taken back to their hotels to continue their vacation.

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