Local December 27, 2012 | 6:41 am

Jail or bail for Abu Naba’a?

Santo Domingo.- The judge of the second court of instruction ofthe National District, Patricia Torres, sent businessman Karim Abu Naba’ato two months preventive custody yesterday. He is accused of making death threats against acouple via text message.

Judge Torres made her decision after accepting a request from thepublic prosecutor represented by deputy prosecutor Elvira Rodríguez.

Although the accused will be sent to prison, the name of the detentioncenter was not disclosed. According to reports, it is likely that Abu Naba’a will be sent toLa Victoria because Najayo jail is being remodeled.

Meanwhile, the accused is being held in the cells on the fourthfloor of the Palacio de Justicia in Santo Domingo.

The judge said that Abu Naba’a had been summoned by the court onseveral occasions but did not appear and was therefore declared in contempt.

Husband and wife Henry Báez García and Jennifer Cabrera claim thathe made death threats against them. However, Abu Naba’a’s lawyers Miguel Valerio andGustavo de los Santos Coll described the accusation as absurd, arguing that theinfraction does not imply preventive custody and that bail should have beenimposed instead.

They announced that they would appeal Judge Torres’s decision for a Court to revoke the decision and frees the defendant.

Abu Naba’a is also accused of attempted murder by lawyerGustavo Mejía Ricart.

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