Local December 28, 2012 | 8:11 am

Abu Naba’a’s father “asked to pay US$180,000”

Santo Domingo.- ADominican-American businessman being held on accusations of fraud and otheroffenses, Karim Abu Naba’a, told journalists yesterday that his father had beenasked to pay US$180,000 in return for his release, but that he had rejected theoffer.

Abu Naba’a, the former boyfriend ofLeonel Fernández’s daughter Nicole, transmitted the information via hisFacebook account, which he can reportedly access through his smartphone.

“What they are seeking is promotionfor themselves, but don’t worry, everything is perfectly all right, I am happy wherever Iam. Yesterday they blackmailed my dad with 180 thousand dollars, butI told my father that I would give him a discount, if they leave it at 90 thousand andI’ll stay here locked up,” says the post he made on the popular social network.

Nonetheless, his father Mustafá AbuNaba’a, speaking after visiting his son in the cells at the Palacio de laJusticia in Ciudad Nueva, said that the blackmail claim was “a joke by Karim.”

He is accused of the attemptedmurder of a lawyer, Gustavo Mejía Ricart, and the hearing in the case waspostponed to 21 March 2013.

On 10 January the coercion measuresagainst Abu Naba’a will be reviewed.

He is also accused of fraud and ofmaking death threats.

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