Local January 3, 2013 | 11:46 am

Anachronistic agency even plants trees

Santo Domingo.- Despite scathing criticism that it’s a Trujillo era anachronism, the Dominican Municipal League (LMD) on Thursday announced an ambitious reforestation program nationwide starting at the town of Jayaco, central Monseñor Noel province.

LMD director Johnny Jones and Jayaco mayor Carlos Rodriguez, led the planting of thousands of trees at the upper Jima river basin, and will include other rivers, streams and creeks, which flow to Rincon Dam, in La Vega.

This activity, sponsored by the miner Falconbridge, included cooperation by residents of the communities El Baden, Rabo de Chivo, Puerto Rico, Caño Piedra, El Canal and Masipedro who planted trees such as tamarind, acacia, higuero and mahogany,

Jones said the reforestation effort will continue in other watersheds, as part of the LMD’s priority to plant millions of trees near municipalities and villages.

Reforestation isn’t among the functions of the LMD, whose main role is to assess city councils on the management of the funds allocated by the government.

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