Local January 3, 2013 | 10:12 am

Police chief to murder suspect: Don’t surrender, we’ll come get you

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Jose A. Polanco on Wednesday surprised the country when he said he won’t be “taken for a fool” by the main suspect in the murder of an officer, and suggested he not turn himself in because the police will “go after him” instead.

Polanco’s suggestion went to Angelo de Leon (Cacon), suspected of gunning down Police lieutenant colonel Pedro Cruz de la Cruz. De Leon reportedly said he won’t surrender and prefers to die shooting.

"I say this with full responsibility, I would like for him not to surrender, so that we can go get him, he walks around defying society, has sent messages saying you have to catch me fighting, then he shouldn’t turn himself in, we’ll go get him," the Police Chief said.

Polanco said they’ve repeatedly urged him to surrender and he doesn’t want to. "I, as chief of police, society is going to allow me to continue being taken for a fool asking an offender who does not contribute anything to society to surrender."

He added that there are people who aren’t capable of living peacefully in any society and "Cacon" is one of them.

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