Local January 7, 2013 | 3:32 pm

Prosecutor to probe “everybody” in Puerto Rican kingpin case

Santo Domingo.- National District prosecutor Jenny Berenice Reynoso on Monday said all persons who according to money laundering convict Sobeida Felix were involved with Puerto Rican drug lord José Figueroa Agosto will be investigated.

"Everybody has to be investigated,” the prosecutor said at a mass to mark the Day of the Judiciary, at the Centro de los Heroes (La Feria).

She said that there are outstanding issues yet to be complied with, and that’s the position of the prosecution.

Reynoso said noted however that her predecessor Alejandro Moscoso struck a institutional plea bargaining deal with Felix, an agreement which must adhered to. "There are issues in the agreement pending fulfillment."

Earlier Monday Moscoso affirmed that as long as he was in the post he left eight months, the prosecution had complied with the agreement.

Moscoso and Reynoso spoke after the mass attended by judges and senior Justice Ministry officials, headed by Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German.

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